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Unisex Leather Chaps

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  • Size, 34 - $65.00
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  • Size, 38 - $65.00
  • Size, 40 - $65.00
  • Size, 42 - $65.00
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Because you still ride when it's cold. Quality textured cowhide leather chaps, mid-weight leather used for comfort and flexibility, comes with textured finish to resists scuffs. Fully lined till snaps, getting in and out of these chaps is easy with the zip and snap leg closures, and the extra-strong hardware really goes the extra mile. Inseam approximately 33-36 inches depending on the size. Comes with adjustable lace backside for added fit and comfort adjustment.

Great fit for both men and women. It is recommended you order a size larger than your waist so the chaps properly fit over your jeans.